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First and Last mile connectivity for employees from various public transportation nodes.

Seamless mobility solution inside the campus their office.



  • Improve employee’s quality of life
  • Save on travel expenses company-wide
  • Encourage alternative modes of transportation
  • Reduce company reliance on fleet management
  • Encourage sustainable travel behaviors
  • Track and analyze employee transportation use and cost-efficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions

ETO Motors Private Limited will be the registered owner.

To be decided

Under this program enterprise has to lease minimum of 3 EVs to start the service.

To be decided

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Q - Who will be the registered owner of the vehicle?

A - ETO Motors Private Limited will be the registered owner.

Q - Are the drivers verified?

A - Yes, all our driver partners are KYC verified.

Q - What kind of support can i expect from ETO?

A - ETO Provides:

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