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A powerful 220-240V,
IoT enabled AC charger for EVs.

Making sure the goodness never stops, ETO introduces ThunderBox. An IoT-enabled, quick & easy-to-install AC charger for electric vehicles that comes with app-based control. You can track your EV's charging progress remotely and ensure your vehicle is safe while it charges.

With a vast and fast-growing network, it’s set to evolve into a public-access network across India. ThunderBox can be geo-tagged on google maps, so finding the nearest charging point will be easier than finding a fuel station.

How ThunderBox
Makes your Move Good.

Compact and
easy installation

Universal EV


App-based monitoring
& tracking

Geo-tagging for
searching charging points

Suited for all
weather conditions


AC smart
charge point

ev charger two wheeler
ev charger gun

What drives ThunderBox

Technical Specifications

Rated voltage(AC) 240 Volts
Rated Current 16 Amps
Max Current 16 Amps
Max load 3.3 KW
Switching 2-P 16Amps MCB (C-Curve) + RCCB
Connecting Socket 16 Amps Industrial (IP 67) IEC 60309
LED Display Colour Coding
Electrical Protection at I/p Over current, Short circuit, residual Current, Surge Voltage (MOV).
Electrical Protection at o/p Over current, SC and Over Voltage
Mechanical Protection IP 55
Connectivity Bluetooth
Application platform Android
Device operation Mobile application
Parameters recorded KWH (In mobile app), Charge Time.
Device Geo tagging Charger located on Google maps

* Specifications are subject to change without prior to notice